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Our Preschool is designed to provide an educational experience as well as child care for children ages two through five years old.  There are two preschool classrooms in which children are grouped according to developmental stages, and one Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

HighScope, the curriculum we use, is a comprehensive educational approach that strives to help children develop in all areas.  Our goals for children are:

  • To gain knowledge and skills in important academic, social, and physical areas
  • To learn through active involvement with people, materials, events, and ideas
  • To become independent, responsible, and confident - ready for school and for life
  • To learn to plan many of their own activities, carry them out, and talk with others about what they have done and what they have learned

Our teachers provide children with carefully planned experiences in reading, mathematics, and science.  They further support social development by helping children learn how to resolve interpersonal conflicts.  Both academic and social/emotional growth are essential for school readiness.



The HighScope curriculum requires teachers to be as active in the learning process as children.  Our teachers interact with children by sharing control with them, focusing on their strengths, forming genuine relationships with them, supporting their play ideas, and helping them to resolve conflicts.  They participate as partners in children's activities rather than as supervisors or managers.  They respect children and their choices, and encourage initiative, independence, and creativity. Our teachers are well trained in child development, and they provide materials and plan experiences that children need to grow and learn. 



Our Teacher to Child ratio reflects the ever-growing independence of the children in our classrooms.

Toddler (two to three year olds)                    1:7

Preschool (three to four year olds)                1:9

Pre-Kindergarten (four to five year olds)       1:10

These ratios are smaller the 1:12 required by the State of California, but meet the standard for NAEYC accreditation.



Children in diapers may enroll in our youngest classroom.  When it is agreed that the child is ready, we work in concert with the family to help their child to learn to use the toilet.



Chapel is conducted by the Pastor one morning each week on alternating days.



Two nutritious snacks and a lunch are offered on a daily basis.  Since foods with sugar and fat reduce the child's appetite, all meals and snacks comply with our "no sugar, no fried food" policy.


Parent Involvement

Parents are the child's first and most important teachers.  Our staff values parent contributions to the program and recognizes that parent involvement influences the overall program quality.  Our school welcomes participation in whatever way is most convenient and meaningful for parents and their families.



When discipline is needed we strive to make this a positive learning experience.  We believe in providing positive reinforcement, allowing children to experience the natural consequences of their actions, and redirecting children from problem areas to other activities.  Corporal punishment is never allowed.


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